Personal Training $60

Stoutt Fitness Personal Training makes fitness convenient, accessible, challenging and fun. We personalize each workout to fit our clients, no matter the goal. Stoutt Fitness believes that fitness is for everyone and your best self is just around the corner. 


Semi-private group Training $90

Stoutt Fitness Semi Private Group Training provides all the convenience of Personal Training, but with 1 or 2 of your friends to provide extra motivation and less cost to your wallet. Share the gift of health.


student Training $40

Stoutt Fitness Student Training gives the importance of health and fitness to children age 10-18 who needs to improve either their health or athleticism outside of their Physical Education. 


Boxing Training $30

Stoutt Fitness Boxing Training provides you with the beginning stages of self defense as well as the fitness components to be competent in the "Sweet Science." Sessions are 30 minutes. 


Corrective Exercise Training $100

Stoutt Fitness Corrective Exercise Training deals with muscular imbalances and improves mobility; as well as postural deficits that can cause long-term issues. 


online Training $120

Stoutt Fitness Online Training provides you with a plan for fitness, no matter the location. With weekly weigh-ins, nutritional guidance, and check ins, to get you to your goals. We have eliminated your excuses to not be the best version of you possible.  This is a monthly fee.