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"During the time I have been working with Julien I have found him to be very knowledgeable not only about exercise but about the science of fitness and healthy eating.  In addition to his extensive knowledge base, Julien is highly encouraging and supportive during our work together. While I am pushed to work hard I have never felt he gave me anything too difficult or beyond my abilities. I have seen tremendous change in myself over the time I have been working with Julien and while I am doing the exercise, he is the one designing the workouts and providing the much needed encouragement. A+ experience. Julien will push you while motivating you. #worthit "


Holly, Social Worker


Positive: Communication, Quality

As someone that struggles with anxiety and body image concerns, I was very anxious about getting a personal trainer. Julien was great at listening to me, respecting my personal boundaries, and still making sure I made progress towards my fitness goals. There was never a boring day at the gym! I highly recommend Stoutt Fitness

Lilly, Business Owner

"Julien Stoutt is an outstanding trainer, professional, well versed, and extremely knowledgeable."

Vera, United States Air Force Retired


Experience was great! Julian is a great trainer who provides the one-on-one customized training one needs or seeking to take your body to a new level and optimize one’s performance.

Felica, Claims Adjuster, Bodybuilder

"Julien Stoutt has been my trainer since May 2013.  I am pleased with his training expertise.  He is very personable, professional, and accommodating to my body's problem areas.  He is always learning and pursuing additional certifications"

Margaret, Retired


"I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Julien Stoutt as a personal trainer. He is an outstanding personal trainer. In moments when I thought I was not going to be able to finish my repetitions or sets, he would always assist me so that I was able to push through muscle failure and finish my repetitions."​​

Ana, United States Army


"I have had 3 other personal trainers in the past, it always seemed that they were just wanting to make it a quick weight loss and not learn that fitness is a way of life.  Julien has accomplished that with me!  The other trainers made it seem to be a chore as well, not so much as making my way of thinking differently about fitness.  Julien has helped me change my mentality on fitness; he has also helped me to accept me for me!"

Renee, Teacher Aide


"Working out has never been a strength for me, and I did not know too much about it before I met Julien. He was very professional in our very first meeting and that is when I decided that he would be a good trainer to train with. Julien was a great trainer, and if I had not moved I would most likely still be training with him."

Kristen, Student



"Julien is an amazing trainer.  He catered my workout to fit my lifestyle and to avoid my injuries.  He is a lot of fun to work with and really helped me to strengthen my body while giving excellent advice on nutrition."

Matt, Prosthetist 



"Julien is an amazing trainer.  He takes the time to see what your workout goals and interest are and incorporates them within the workout and makes it EXTREMELY Fun and Tiring at the same time, ha!"

Tamara, Behavior Health



"Mr. Stoutt is a total fitness professional."

Doyle, Retired 

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