About Us

Stoutt Fitness is a Personal training company, tailored to provide excellent training in various disciplines to create the fitness type that is right for you.  whether it is cardio training, or nutritional advice or if it is functional exercise, in a 10,000 sqft facility with numerous amenities, all is possible to be the best you.



Get motivated with 1-1 Personal Training!


Every Session is tailored to your needs and overall fitness goals. We educate not only on proper technique and eating habits, but also dispel myths and discrepancies within the health and fitness community. We keep track of your progress and make recommendations towards achieving your goals.




Are you looking to motivate a friend through your own fitness journey?


Both you and your friend will be challenged during each session, yet allowing you cheering each other as you meet your goals together.


Don't have a friend? Bring a spouse, or  loved one. 




Does your child need help building  confidence in their abilities, or do they need that extra edge in competition? 


Your child will not only receive safe and effective training, They will also attain positive reinforcement towards a healthy lifestyle.