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Why I didn't write a Resolution Article for the New Year?

As the Administrator of one of many Fitness Pages on Facebook, I am sure that some of you are fans of not just only my page but other Fitness Professionals. The fact is that the majority of them have bombarded you within the last few days to "new ways to a new you" and the like (for those of you that are looking to improve your health). I am going to tell you something that some of the other pages won't tell you.

The main reason resolutions happen is because there is a behavior or lifestyle that is either making you socially awkward, or it is negetively impacting your life. The simplest answer to that is to simply change. However, 86% of the United States Population does not exerciseregularly; while 38% make the resolution to lose weight. Which means statistically more than half of you who embark on that journey will fail. "Now Julien, how can you say something like that? You are supposed to be encouraging. You are supposed to tell us we can do anything we put our minds to." I honestly don't want you to fail. I want each and every one of you that read this and is in need of a healthier lifestyle to succeed. I also realized something over the past 4 months. A lot of you already know what needs to be done.

I have been on hiatus for the most part on my page because I have been brainstorming on new ways to provide information to motivate you becoming fit. In that time, I created a seminar called "Fitness Mythbusters" to dispel myths and rumors that plauge those that are fearful of fitness in general. The seminar showed me the level of knowledge of what people know not to be true is quite high. Sure, there are a few things that was not known, but for the majority of it; people knew what was real and what was myth.

So what is the problem? It is about courage. Why? It is simple. Changing yourself is a hard challenge. Some of you truly need to change for the benefit of survival and the joy of experiencing all of what life has to offer on a long term basis and it is scary. Some are too scared to ask for help. Some are too scared to change their lives because they are comfortable doing what they do. Some are scared to let go of "stuff" in order to control how they go about their daily routines. Some are scared to do the work it takes. Lastly, some are afraid to fail. Not to sound cliche, but you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

The reasons don't matter, you know what needs to be done. So get it done! Ask for help! Change your life! Say yes! Say no! Say what needs to be said!


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