Become Your Ultimate You!
Train to discover the path to the best version of you that is possible! While using scientifically proven training techniques, knowledge of human body mechanics, human physiology and home of the "27 Fit Body Types" and the "Nemesis System."

Get Customized Workouts from the FIRST Online Trainer, 6x Powerlifting World Record Holder, Army Physical Fitness Test Award Recipient, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Julien Stoutt



  1. Build and Develop muscle

  2. Correct Muscular Imbalances

  3. Create Physical Independence through Speed, Quickness and Agility

  4. Improve Cardiovascular Capacity

  5. Lose Fat and maintain a healthy weight

  6. Change health through Education


Why Stoutt Fitness? 

Personal Training done with compassion for the contemporary issues we face while providing the "Truth About Fitness" in ways you can understand. Whether this is your first day off the couch, or you are a seasoned professional, it's YOUR training...personal.  

What Do You Get?

  • Fitness Consultation and Evaluation

  • A Fitness Program Tailored To You

  • Weekly Measurements and Adjustments

  • Monthly Evaluations and Revisions

  • Nutritional Guidance and Advise 



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